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Three Generations of Talent: Who's Searching for Jobs Today?
Today Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers each comprise one-third of the workforce. But each generation searches for jobs differently. Download Three Generations of Talent: Who's Searching for Jobs Today for more than 50 pages of data and insights you can use to determine how job seeker preferences by generation may impact the future of your workforce.

Where People Search for Jobs: Cross-Border Labor Mobility Report
Globally, nearly 1 in 10 people on Indeed is searching for a job in another country. Insights into where this highly mobile workforce is searching for jobs is the focus of the latest report from the Indeed Hiring Lab鈥攁nalysis aimed at advancing the knowledge of human resource and talent management professionals worldwide.

What Jobseekers Want: Occupation Satisfaction & Desirability Report
How do people begin their search for a new opportunity in today鈥檚 job market? What types of jobs are most desirable to employed candidates? What factors influence a person鈥檚 decision to change jobs? In short, what do job seekers want?

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